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Is the INexpensive, refined avocado oil by Chosen Foods from Costco a quality and useful product?

I’ve asked myself this question because it is so cheap, so I did some digging.

  • The smoke point of an oil is the temperature at which the fats begin to break down (oxidize) and become toxic. Fats with certain fatty acid profiles have a higher smoke. Also, the more refined an oil is the higher the smoke point.
  • Seed oils are notorious for being sensitive to things like light, heat and even pressure. This is key because avocado oil isn’t pressed from the seed (or pit) of the avocado. It’s pressed from the flesh around the seed.
  • Avocado oil is full of heart-healthy, heat-stable monounsaturated oleic fatty acids that can withstand a refining process and still come out in a form that’s both nutrient-dense and highly beneficial for our diets and heating (refined avocado oil has a smoke point of at least 400 degrees!)
  • The verdict? I am comfortable consuming Chosen Foods refined avocado oil. My recommendation? – Purchase a refined version like Chosen Foods for marinades, roasting, sautéing, frying and, the flavor is so mild, you could even bake with it!

Read the entire article for further important information about avocado oil and, particularly, Chosen Foods refined avocado oil.

First, let me talk about a thing called “smoke point.” The higher the smoke point of an oil, the higher the cooking temperature it can handle before it breaks down (oxidizes) and becomes toxic. The more refined an oil is, the higher the smoke point. The refining process itself, however, is often NOT good because it can damage the fatty acids (and you haven’t even applied heat from cooking yet). This refining process is particularly problematic in all industrialized oils as well as oils from nuts and other seeds. Common, plant-based oils such as corn, canola, soy, cottonseed, grape seed, etc are already damaged when you purchase them but they’re tricky because they also have a “high smoke point.” It’s just that its irrelevant because the oil is toxic anyway. Not to mention, the fatty acid profile is often very acidic to begin with in nuts and seeds and these industrialized oils I just mentioned. Also, the industrialized oils are often made from a GMO crop like corn, soy or cottonseed.

Seed oils are notorious for being sensitive. Sensitive to light, heat and even pressure. This is why one is careful to use olive oil, for example, for non-high heat cooking and other culinary uses that don’t use heat at all. Other seed oils like walnut or flax have the potential to be very healthy but must be handled with care by processors, packagers and you.

All of this is key because avocado oil is not pressed out of the avocado seed. It’s pressed out of the flesh around the seed. Avocados have high levels of heart-healthy and heat-stable monounsaturated oleic fatty acids make it ideal for health and cooking.

With avocado oil you can have the best of both worlds: a nutrient-dense, unrefined or virgin avocado oil that is highly beneficial in our diets (but not so much for cooking) and the refined version, which is a really good option for an all-purpose cooking oil (roasting, sautéing, frying). The refined version is also beneficial to our diets because of the monounsaturated fatty acids, beta sitosterol and Vit E that is retained even through the proprietary low-heat, steam vaporization process Chosen Foods uses. They don’t use any chemicals, solvents, caustic sodas and watch the temperature closely. It’s a refining process that eliminates the free-fatty-acids, waxes, gums and chlorophyll that cause a lower smoke point. This is why virgin avocado oil is green. It’s a great product but has a medium smoke point (like olive oil). Refined avocado oil has a smoke point of at least 400 degrees and Chosen Food says their avocado oil has a 500-degree smoke point making it conducive to pretty much any home cooking you may do.

The verdict? I am comfortable consuming Chosen Foods refined avocado oil. While virgin avocado oil may offer more benefit nutritionally, I need a quality fat that I can cook with that is still good for me. Chosen Foods, from everything that I can tell, handles their avocados and avocado oil with care. My recommendation? – purchase a smaller, more expensive bottle of virgin avocado oil but reserve it for your non-heat food prep needs such as homemade salad dressing or garnishing soups. Purchase a refined version like Chosen Foods for marinades, roasting veggies, sautéing foods, frying and, the flavors are so mild, you could even bake with it!

As for why it is so inexpensive at Costco, it will be for the same reason anything they carry may be less expensive than it would be at a non-bulk store. They purchase pallets of product at a time. Not to mention, have you ever noticed there is only 1 type of each item Costco carries available at any given time (in addition, possibly, to their own brand’s version as well)? One kind of ketchup, for example, or 1 kind of kitty litter. There are multiple vendors bidding for that single spot and, in the case of Chosen Foods, they have won the avocado oil spot. That will be because they offer Costco the lowest price. Let’s purchase their oil there so it will continue to be available! Also, I checked, and the same size bottle of avocado oil purchased directly from the Chosen Foods website is more like $17 compared to Costco’s price of about $10. This eases my mind in terms of my initial concern that this oil is not only inexpensive but cheap as well.

Chosen Foods also carries an avocado oil mayonnaise, travel pouches of avocado oil (some of us have been known to carry our own salt, coconut sugar, dressings etc on our persons when out on the town!), avocado oil spray (say, “see ya!” to that nasty Pam) and other, quality products at great prices. Check them out!

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